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I Am The Walrus


Taeyang ♥ Joon ♥ The movies of Quentin Tarantino ♥ Oskar Linnros ♥ My pretty kpop fandom hihi ♥ Poetic Swedish song lyrics ♥ Spending time with Hongki to my Heechul ♥ the sunrise ♥ Pickles ♥ When you're home alone and can walk around half naked without anyone noticing ♥ Australian boys with curly hair ♥ Accents ♥ The feeling you get when finally finishing something you've been working on for long ♥ Singing ♥ YOU

I'm Josephine but if you want to be my friend, for realz, you should call me Joffan. if you want to know me you can read my lj. most of the stuff is out in the open anyway.

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doing lame dance moves, eating pickles, googling random facts, korean pop music, making vlogs containing lisping, nothing but my fandom, reading books about whatever, walking around without socks, wearing no pants, what i'd call singing