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02 January 2037 @ 04:22 pm

Who am I?

Hi. I'm Joffan.
You might know me, and you might not know me, but what's important here is that
you've reached my journal, and you're now reading this.
I started this entry intending to write something clever about myself and my fandoms,
but you see. I have no idea how to be clever when I need to. So let's just start a discussion that's not so

Joffan. For god sake. Stop singing so loud. The neighbours will complain. And maybe you should get dressed today?
Or do you plan on being a total slob just because it's sunday? Pants fit with sundays too you know. It's okay to put them on.
And you've been trying to read that book for a month now, how far did you get? 3 pages. wow.

-swish swish, scene change-

oh joon. I love you.
I love you too, Joffan. I love you too.

-swish swish what scene was that? swish-

WAKE UP. go feed your trained monkeys. Do your homework. And most of all. Continue being the wierdo fangirl I know you are. Sing until the neighbours hate you enough in order to come knock on the door every time you make a sound. And wtf. who cares about pants anyway. Make every day a no pants day! Not just sundays.

The fact that I've just written this about myself makes me feel I'm kind of disturbed.
If you've read all this and feel you still rather think I'm okay, why don't you friend me? : D I'd love to be your friiiiend.

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01 October 2010 @ 12:01 am

Today everything felt rather stupid >: 
But things like that get better! Some guy called me and asked me if I wanted to work for Uppsala's international short film festival again, but I'm not sure. I was so stressed last time. So I told him I'd think about it, so yeah. If I got payed I'd say yes in an instant, and even though it's an amazing experience with lots of short films (oh that I adore) I am not sure I could handle the stress atm. So! I'll see. 

the breathe dance move. yumyumyuymmmmmhm. 
I will put it on repeat as soon as I've finished this entry. : D

So just to make it quick today. Here comes some London pictures. (not all of them. I'll save some of them for later!)



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13 July 2010 @ 11:18 pm
OKAY GUYS. I am lurking around and I've been reading your entries, I just haven't found enough piece in my mind to comment and stuff. I am so tiiiireeed.

But I've had lots of fun so far!! life is pretty great when there's a certain beautiful person around. hihi. ♥

Joon is so cute. ;^; Olivs is too. hihihi

just so you know, my dreams keep haunting me. tonight I dreamt of this guy who goes to my school. He always has this special suitcase with him and he has some kind of sickness that makes him swell or something, and I hear he has a plastic bag somewhere hidden on his body because he can't go to the toilet. (could be rumour but people spoke of some incident at school where the plastic bag broke and it's all very sad) anyway. he rarely speaks to anyone, and he's always sitting alone looking all depressed. in my dream, I was sitting on a bench watching something on a tv. and then I feel an arm around me and turn around and notice it's him. and I start running away from him but he chases me around for god knows how long claiming he loves me and wants to marry me. I told him that was impossible but he kept going "but puleeeez"... at least there was no making out involved. his face kind of resembled freddy kreuger though. ;______;

I'll be back properly around the 20th, when I'm hopefully not a clutz who forgets her keys on a bench and make olivs walk with me across like everywhere, and then spend two hours sitting in my gate outside my door just waiting for dad to come home. sorry. ;^;

Because minwoo is very pretty too. : D ♥ now I shall go shower! bye guys.


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OMGOMGOMG. did I actually manage to post an entry every day for one whole week? I don't think I've ever managed that during my, what is it now, soon 3 years of lj-ing. :))) I'm a little proud of myself. tihi.


like!!! sorry children, your name will be "extremely-pretty-close-up-of-taeyang-bb" and you'll probably be teased at school a lot because of it, but children!!! when you see this, when you see thiiiis, you shall know it is all worth it! : D (and I'm also thinking about naming one of you after his muscles but I'm not sure just yet)

I liked inkigayo today. Suju boys looked so happy. And 4minute looked so hot. ;^; ♥ I like Miss A a lot. : ) and 2pm in that green sports song. hihi. And I liked mir's hair! There's a whole lot of liking going on tbh.

Something I don't like on the other hand is packages you can't open. >: It's been going on all week. Not being able to open the apple juice package because the pipe thingy it's got going on was stuck. not being able to remove the plastic packaging off of my new mascara. Just now I spent like 20 minutes trying to get the cap off of my body lotion, and idek!! I know I'm pretty weak and all, and even more so on a day when my joints aren't fully happy, but it's ridiculous!! stop making everything so child proof. I'm sure my little taeyang-named children would love to actually be able to drink apple juice too!

Then I might pop in every once in a while, but I won't be able to start updating and commenting regularly (and spam your f-lists) until like.. hm. the 20th or so. I SHALL MISS YOU. but on the other hand I shall have a great time with imheartsick !! ♥
We're probably going to make little updates on our youtube channel, which we'll post videos on at least every other week from now on, so if you're interested, you can find us here!

Goooood night ♥

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"Och den stund som jag kände som nära var blott alvedon,
och dom himmelska ben som jag ville förtära dom gick
där ifrån"

haha. this might sound really stupid, but I am srsly crying atm. and not because I'm sad. but because the music I'm listening to is so poetic it gives me chills. because life is beautiful. Because there are so many things I love without even thinking twice about it. Because summer holiday starts in 3 days, and I've missed it. Watching the sunrise at 4 am in the morning. Wearing shorts. Eating breakfast out on the balcony with the sun in my face. And I really love all my friends. I love my fandom. and my family.

and for some reason I feel like something changed today. I can't explain it, but.. I think it was a good change. I think I just entered another period of my life. and you know what? I can do whatever I want with it.

I am afraid my summer will be one of the prettiest summers of my life, and I couldn't be more excited.
and thinking back on last summer, I realised once again, how much I really miss you. I miss walking around stockholm with you. I miss ryo and lady gaga and the evening watching that arashi dvd where we mostly laughed over sho's pyu. I miss rich guy 1 and 2. I miss making up songs about shindong while walking to the store to buy meatballs. but really, I just miss you. A whole lot.
So, July, come quick, because I have new memories to make.

Hello irapehellokitty , asianized_x , thekrik , girlinkage , sanselle , inati , phreshswag , mirukuu , xoxocake , firescapee , porvoras  and rawrbby !
If I forgot anyone... ;^; I'm sorry. ♥

I'm sure we'll get to know each other soon. I promise I will stalk you all and comment all your entries. Probably later than all the other people on your f-list since I procastinate like crazy, but I will still do it! : D

so, it is time to finally start doing stuff again! Don't you agree?
I started using my twitter again today. And my last.fm!
I also really want to change my layout. and my profile, omg it's so old.


LOOK AT THIS BOY. LOOK AT HIM. HIS EYES. THEY SPARKLE. WHY IS HE SO BEAUTIFULLLL. (and even though I've been flailing Doojoon like crazy lately, I am talking about Dongwoon this time. HAHA)
Yesterday when I was speaking to jonskulainen  (aka wonderful!Johanna) i saw a man in a pink robe on the balcony across from mine. I told dad about it and when I looked back, he was gone. I'm thinking it was a ghost.
I don't know 2PM very well and I have yet to see their latest MV (which half of my f-list said sucked already XDD) but this boy here. ;__; ♥ Today is such a beautiful day. HAHA.

(be glad I cut away the part where I spill milk all across the zink and don't even notice while singing "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"... clearly the milkshake wanted out before any boys could get here...)

And yes. my title makes no sense. : D

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29 March 2010 @ 10:49 pm
I am currently in love with shimizu shota's journey album.
I am also 3 chapters behind in japanese. which means I've missed 3 tests. funfun. But my japanese teacher told me it was okay!

I went to school today. : D
I feel so great. (in my head at least)
tomorrow I'm going there to have some esthetic orientation and then there's history and then omg. I am shopping for the first time in ages.
so I'm looking forward to that.

and on thursday I'll go see nowhere boy in stockholm with frejenen. movie about john lennon + stockholm, how can I say no. : D
I'm so buying coffee.

and then next week will be awesome. I was invited to a party on wednesday, and some people want me to come, so... maybe.
and then on thursday my little angel will come visit me. and I'll finally watch ninja assasin. and my little angel will be here ♥ 
then I'm colouring my hair black so I can cosplay hwang tae kyung on friday-saturday-sunday. Isn't life great atm? : D

I have opened 44 tabs. like at least 25 of them should be your entries. I'm reading and commenting them on wednesday, I'm sorry for always commenting so late. but I do try my best!

And I found the Heartbreaker ft Flo Rida pretty awesome. ♥
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24 March 2010 @ 12:48 am

wehoo weheee.

at first I was all

then I was all

then I spent a couple of hours being
"OLO -yawn- OLO" face

then after that I cried a little because I thought about stuff.

AND THEN BECAUSE I GET BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS (yes I am so wishing I could continue quoting that song) I WAS ALL HAPPY AGAIN.

and now I'm thinking I might not fall asleep tonight.

OH I FORGOT TO MENTION MY REALLY BIG JOON SPAZZ. he's just so handsome. ;_; ♥ I can't wait for their comeback. hihi.
For those of you who felt like seeing my new hair, I shall give you some footage!

The challenge was to make a parody. CHECK OUT MY PARODY OKAY. : DDDDD ♥
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19 March 2010 @ 11:34 pm
I don't really know why I am writing but I have some secret urge in me that keeps pressing the "Post" button and it's scary so I figured I might as well just go ahead and do write something. I'll write it in list form. oh yeah. I'm cool like that.

+ Hello to my new, pretty friends! : D ♥

+ I cut my hair off. And tomorrow it will turn "Wild and Sexy". At least according to the package. I don't really need wild or sexy. As long as it gets the red colour that the girl in the picture has, I'm happy. You will be able to see this new hair creation of mine in my sunday vlog!
+ I fell in love yesterday. With Mika. ♥ After missing the Kent concert and being so sad over that, I figured I just couldn't miss Mika. and he was amazing. He really was.
+ I got myself a plurk! it pings. : D and if you have one, add me up on there! Of course I had to Joonify it a little. hihi. 
+/- I managed to get addicted to the drama Loving you a thousand times. I am srsly suffering. Everytime I have to do something less fun (LIKE ALL THE HW I HAVE) I space off and watch another episode. not good not good.

- I miss Olivs.
- Today at dinner I wanted to cry so badly because dad got me pizza and I realised my hands were to weak to cut it into slices. You know what life!!! Stop being so stupid and give me my strength back.

now.. I have no clue how to make jingles, so I was a little worried, but my teacher said he really liked it!

10 March 2010 @ 01:59 pm
oh hello again.

I might certainly fail with the whole, make a post every day this week thing, but whatever.

that is all.

oh, and before I forget. Watch this video if you want to see some of Siwon's abs.

Then head over to CafeKpop and watch imheartsick  dance half-naked and notochrasy  drink Whisky!!! (what happened to us)
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