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02 January 2037 @ 04:22 pm

Who am I?

Hi. I'm Joffan.
You might know me, and you might not know me, but what's important here is that
you've reached my journal, and you're now reading this.
I started this entry intending to write something clever about myself and my fandoms,
but you see. I have no idea how to be clever when I need to. So let's just start a discussion that's not so

Joffan. For god sake. Stop singing so loud. The neighbours will complain. And maybe you should get dressed today?
Or do you plan on being a total slob just because it's sunday? Pants fit with sundays too you know. It's okay to put them on.
And you've been trying to read that book for a month now, how far did you get? 3 pages. wow.

-swish swish, scene change-

oh joon. I love you.
I love you too, Joffan. I love you too.

-swish swish what scene was that? swish-

WAKE UP. go feed your trained monkeys. Do your homework. And most of all. Continue being the wierdo fangirl I know you are. Sing until the neighbours hate you enough in order to come knock on the door every time you make a sound. And wtf. who cares about pants anyway. Make every day a no pants day! Not just sundays.

The fact that I've just written this about myself makes me feel I'm kind of disturbed.
If you've read all this and feel you still rather think I'm okay, why don't you friend me? : D I'd love to be your friiiiend.

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13 July 2010 @ 11:18 pm
OKAY GUYS. I am lurking around and I've been reading your entries, I just haven't found enough piece in my mind to comment and stuff. I am so tiiiireeed.

But I've had lots of fun so far!! life is pretty great when there's a certain beautiful person around. hihi. ♥

Joon is so cute. ;^; Olivs is too. hihihi

just so you know, my dreams keep haunting me. tonight I dreamt of this guy who goes to my school. He always has this special suitcase with him and he has some kind of sickness that makes him swell or something, and I hear he has a plastic bag somewhere hidden on his body because he can't go to the toilet. (could be rumour but people spoke of some incident at school where the plastic bag broke and it's all very sad) anyway. he rarely speaks to anyone, and he's always sitting alone looking all depressed. in my dream, I was sitting on a bench watching something on a tv. and then I feel an arm around me and turn around and notice it's him. and I start running away from him but he chases me around for god knows how long claiming he loves me and wants to marry me. I told him that was impossible but he kept going "but puleeeez"... at least there was no making out involved. his face kind of resembled freddy kreuger though. ;______;

I'll be back properly around the 20th, when I'm hopefully not a clutz who forgets her keys on a bench and make olivs walk with me across like everywhere, and then spend two hours sitting in my gate outside my door just waiting for dad to come home. sorry. ;^;

Because minwoo is very pretty too. : D ♥ now I shall go shower! bye guys.


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29 September 2008 @ 07:58 pm

You know that bet I lost? Well.. my punishment has come. Vicki even made me the header. HAHA. I was hoping she'd forget if I just pretended like I never lost, but apparently not.

bigmow bigmow bigmow bigmow bigmow bigmow

I'll make sure I win next time! DDDD:


29 October 2007 @ 10:06 pm

Today was a day of thinking, thinking about myself, critizising the parts of me that I feel I could be so much better with. Maybe because I was alone all day, and the only one I spoke to was a perv from peru or something, who thought I should make videos of myself and post them on youtube. (Remind me to delete him from my msn. XD ^^') And not the fun kind of videos, the growse kind. 
Anyways, I remembered one thing that happened a couple of years ago.

I had in some way gotten my hands on a bowl of jelly beans, and I was kind of excited, since I've only tasted them once before, and that was when I was much younger, and I couldn't really remember anything more by it than the fact that I'd tried them. Not what they tasted like, not what they smelled, not even how they looked like. So I became super hyped over these jelly beans and when I finally put one in my mouth, and could feel it's sweet, rather chemical (XD) taste, I decided I was going to love Jelly beans forever. I tasted the pink one, the white one, the yellow one, the one that looked kind of yellow, but had some brown in it too, and then became som kind of mixture between them both, maybe there was something wrong with that one, I don't know. Then all of a sudden I picked up a purple one, or it had a colour that looked like something between pink and violet, but also had a bright feel to it. It tasted like the head-and-shoulders shampoo we always used to buy, and it smelled like lavender. I strongly dislike that smell, and as I had this small little candy bean, with oh-so-much-taste, in my mouth I began to feel very growsed out by it all, and didn't want to eat any of the other jelly beans anymore. I somehow decided I didn't like them, and all because of that one purple little piece of candy. 

It's a wonder how my mind could switch so easily, how I gave up on the rest of the candy just because one of them gave me a hard time. I've come to a place in my life where I feel that maybe I'm repeating this same event, but in a much bigger scale of course, and that maybe I shouldn't do it. Am I giving up to easily with the things I do? But then again, I wan't to feel happy, and maybe if I don't give up this time, I won't feel that happiness. Gaaaah..! I'm so confused!! Minna, what do you do when you're really confused and can't make up your mind about something?

Now, enough said about serious stuff. Since internet is back I started watching Proposal Daisakusen, finally! Although I've only watched 3 episodes I'm already getting tired of the Hallelujah choir. X''D But Yamapi looks Smexy as always. Btw, saw that he his bottom teeth are straight now, looked good, but I'm kind of gonna miss his old, kind of wierdly crooked ones. haha. They were something significant for just Yamapi. ;) Gomen ne, that probably made no sence att all. XD (just to add, his teeth are still like they used to in proposal daisakusen, it's the pacific CM or something where they're not anymore)
Watched the final episode of Hana Kimi too, and was trying really hard not to cry. haha. My dad and his girlfriend were sitting in the same room, and I could hear them commenting every time I laughed or sighed, and I really didn't want to burst into tears, because of Mizuki's very sad good bye. I got kind of envious though.. Their friendship, so good after just a year or something like that, and everyone seemed like they could count on each other when times became tough. I don't have that, and if I think back, maybe I've never had it. I want it so badly, friends, that I can remember with a smile on my face, that I can trust, laugh with, love. Ah, now I got all serious again, seems I can't even fangirl properly these day. Wait! When could I ever fangirl properly? XD 

PS. The perv from Peru just wrote to me again.. EWWWW.

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