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30 January 2027 @ 09:26 pm

"Life. You make me happy. You make me sad. You make me feel lonley, cold, warm, tired, unbelievably hyper, loved, unloved, full of things to share, full of things to take on and you make me curious to see what's to come. There will be days where I love you, there will be days where I hate you, there will be days where I cry myself to sleep because of you. But nonetheless, what would I do without you?
(actually, no one probably knows the answer to this question since we're all alive and living and yeah)
This year will bring many surprises. I can't wait to find out what they may be."


Big fat cut because apparently making more than one isn't allowed in the mind of livejournal. -kicks-Collapse )
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Vi Kan Gå I Eld

Don't these boys make you hungry?!!! My stomach is craving for some potato chips rn. oh yes, I want it, I want it real good.

Ah, actually there's not much interesting to say about today. I liked the Taeyang teaser, it was groovy. But then again, I seem to like everything this boy throws at me. (and yes, I might be a tad bit biased on that front)
I also just watched Sweeney Todd again. It's a good good movie. I like dramatic endings. Well, on film of course. irl, not really no.

Sometimes I wish I was a guy so I could sing in falsetto. just sayin'.

hm, well. lately I've thought a lot about stuff I used to do before. Today dad suggested that we'd go by boat to my grandparents house and I realised it's been ages since I ever went on that boat. Maybe I was 14. It's this really pretty boat that goes around the Stockholm archipelago letting people off at each island and when I was younger dad didn't own a car, so we always went by boat. It takes about 2 hours and for a 14-year-old it wasn't the slightest bit interesting. Dad buying me an ice-cream would be the highlight of the trip tbh. And writing in my diary about how the guy sitting a little to the right of our table had a funky moustache. (I kind of love those entries. they're so born-to-be-stalker)
"oh no. fu. the man is staring. I bet he is trying to look at what I'm writing. >: If he only knew"
It would feel great to get to see it all again. The boat, the archipelago, the ice-cream. But this time, together with Olivs. ♥

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
29 March 2010 @ 10:49 pm
I am currently in love with shimizu shota's journey album.
I am also 3 chapters behind in japanese. which means I've missed 3 tests. funfun. But my japanese teacher told me it was okay!

I went to school today. : D
I feel so great. (in my head at least)
tomorrow I'm going there to have some esthetic orientation and then there's history and then omg. I am shopping for the first time in ages.
so I'm looking forward to that.

and on thursday I'll go see nowhere boy in stockholm with frejenen. movie about john lennon + stockholm, how can I say no. : D
I'm so buying coffee.

and then next week will be awesome. I was invited to a party on wednesday, and some people want me to come, so... maybe.
and then on thursday my little angel will come visit me. and I'll finally watch ninja assasin. and my little angel will be here ♥ 
then I'm colouring my hair black so I can cosplay hwang tae kyung on friday-saturday-sunday. Isn't life great atm? : D

I have opened 44 tabs. like at least 25 of them should be your entries. I'm reading and commenting them on wednesday, I'm sorry for always commenting so late. but I do try my best!

And I found the Heartbreaker ft Flo Rida pretty awesome. ♥
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
20 January 2010 @ 11:03 pm



I know I know. you can make any remarks you want about my current mood swings. BUT I AM SO HAPPY.

You see. I haz internetz. And I just checked a whole lot of entries of missed fandom, while eating macaroni and falukorv.

(yes.. that big "thiiiis" is a link to something wonderful. : D)

so yes. I am happy tonight.

Today I also ate popcorn and watched Azumi. I didn't expect oguri shun to die so soon. D:

Current Mood: weirdjoon is swooshing by

So, here I am, with yet another entry.

Little has changed since the last time I wrote though.
I'm starting to feel like I'm just over-emotional. And I know people agree.

January is the worst month of the year. It's really snowy and the cold is not fun anymore. And it's the time of the year where dad and his girlfriend starts going on a diet. They threw out all my candy and all my ice cream and filled the fridge and freezer with wierd lens soup. And soup with tomatoes. And today.. I had to eat something strange with carrots. And parsnip. But dad kept calling it Chervil. Even though it's clearly not.

I stayed up until 5 am today. And I saw Ikigami. which I really really liked.
Random picture of matsushota just because I love him. ♥

And yeah. sorry if you talked to me today and felt like I was being all defensive. I feel like I'm just being teased by some people and it hurt today. So I'm just kind of meh. towards everyone.

AND SRSLY. why does it hurt so much being a fangirl sometimes? idgi.
-huggles seal- ♥

I bet ice cream would've cured this feeling. THANKS DAD. THANKS.





Reply to this post and I will tell you just how much I love and adore you, and why.
If you want, pass this on in your own journal.
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16 February 2009 @ 05:45 pm

I am going to make a voice post/recording for you all. What I will say depends entirely up to you. Comment asking me to say something, read something, recite something, etc, and I will do it. ♥

Everyone else is doing this meme, so I got intrigued to do it myself. :)
I am on holidays this week so I suppose I have time for it. haha.

Tomorrow I'm going to Freja's though. :) And later this week I am going to the movies!

Things that has happened since last;

• I finished watching a couple of dramas. :) I looove movies!!
Ah, actually, I want to ask for tips on that! I am thinking about watching something none-japanese. So please tell me what kind of tv-shows you like, and I'll try to check them out! :D

• I am currently reading New Moon. hm, everyone said they didn't like it so much, so I thought it would be all bad. But so far so good. :) I've only read half of it though. haha.

• I made a new cover, it's I will by the Beatles. I had some trouble deciding whether I liked it or not, but somehow this morning I thought to myself that it was still pretty decent. So please have a listen and tell me what you think! It can be found >here<. Make sure that you press Hi-fi!

Yasmine came over the other day, and we had plenty of fun!

Oh, and yes. I am inspired to speak to people over skype! :) I want to improve my english, and get to know people at the same time.
So, if you're intrested in speaking to me, please let me know, okays! ♥

;__; I need to buy the new arashi concert dvd. uhuhu.
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13 February 2008 @ 02:01 pm
The days have been going along with high speed. ^^ Mostly because I sleep until it's lunch time. I couldn't do it before, but I somehow flipped the day around, because I'm awake until at least 1 am every day.

It's now decided, on Monday we're going to watch horror movies. ^^ I'm so happy. haha.
I need tips on movies here, anyone who has any?

Also, Valentines coming up. x''D I've been telling people this a long time now, but now it's kind of for real, since tomorrow's the day. My valentine won't be anything special. I don't have anyone to celebrate it with, except my family of course. Last year we had a special dinner, we made everything in the shape of hearts, even the meat looked like hearts. xD My friend also came over. I liked last years valentine, it was fun. I want this years valentine to be the same.
My little brother actually has the name valentine, or the swedish version of it, valentin. He has many many names. xD

And what is dear Vicki up to? I haven't heard from you in a while.. Want to know how it went with the not-eating thing.. Did your mom decide not to do it? Or are you without chocolate now for the continuing 36 days?

Current Mood: numbahh..
18 January 2008 @ 10:46 pm
I've decided to start writing here everyday. Don't know why really, because it's kind of stupid to write when you feel you have nothing to say. xD But, I need something to do during the days, and writing a post like this may take several minutes. X''''D
Today went by really fast. And I've been in a good mood. haha. naku_92called me around noon or so, and I caused her great trouble, babbling on like some.. talkative person, so now her parents are going ballistic over the phone bill. ;__; I feel bad over that.
But talking to you made me in a good mood, ne. <3

I looked into the third Death note movie. It's not death note, although it's a spin-off movie, called L- saves the WorLd, I think. I hope it's good. Although I don't know what it's going to be about. haha. 

As I probably said before, I finished my nobuta gloves.. Wearing them right now actually. Still can't decide whether I like them or not. They are.. homemade. x'''D I'm posting a picture here.. mwahah. So you can see the homemade-ness. (they're supah cosy though. xD)

There's a hole for my thumb, but I'm holding my hands funny. xD Still.. They are like real gloves although no fingers. x''D Ugly gloves. That I'm gonna use. mwahah.
Current Mood: calmMwahahha. Ugly gloves.
17 January 2008 @ 10:35 pm

Right now I'm all lazy and I haven't sent everyone the comments they deserve.. So I feel all bad about that. ^^' But I'm going to take time tomorrow to do it, so sorry for the delay minna. <3
I think it's because I've felt sick and restless, I've decided to try to do something tomorrow. Even if it's just going out for a walk. XD I have no idea where to go, maybe walk down to see the birds in the water park. Although it smells funny there.. Maybe it's the bird poo's fault. xD

I woke up in some kind of horror today. I rolled around alot, and somehow got tangled up in my own sheets, so when I woke up I had yellow fabric all around my head and a very limited air supply. I heard someone sending me a message on my phone.. It was 


 who wondered what I was doing. XD I should've answered getting sufficated, but I figured writing things like that would scare her away. But now you know what I was doing for real. XD haha.

Then I watched Death note 2.. L's hair still had plenty volume, but OMG, Erika Toda's so great. <33 I want to watch more stuff with her. I'm thinking about Liar game, but that's mostly because Matsuda Shota was looking all hot on the pictures. XD I'm feeling so shallow. mwahah. I know there's more to doramas then just smexy guys, but I mean.. It's probably good anyways. XD
My friend told me there would be a death note 3.. Is that really true? I should look into it. Wonder who would be in the cast. XD

Oh.. And dad told me there's a package waiting for me in the post office.. It must be the clothes. ^^ I'm gonna go pick them up as soon as possible, and that is.. xD Monday. haha.

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16 January 2008 @ 07:33 pm
I feel like I'm a bother today. Maybe it's because I'm sick, maybe I really am a bother. I kind of wish I had my cosy bed at dad's, Ice cream, coke, and a tv so that I could watch Death note 2, the last whatever-it-was-now-again.
I watched Death note 1 today.. I thought Erika Toda would be in it more than just the last part, I also though that L would be hotter. xDxD
He looked all mysterious on the cover, not at all like I expected when I saw him in the movie. His hair has plenty volume. xD

Wonder if it would be possible to sleep from now until sunday morning? Mweheh, Imagine that restless feeling. I srlsy need to make plans for tomorrow, I have to do something. Got any suggestions?

Many many months ago I talked about my NEWS DVD.. It should be arriving this week. x''D I tried ordering it so many times now, I feel like it's not for real that it's been shipped out. I'm gonna jump out of joy finally holding that thing in my hands. Ahh.. The joy of watching smexyness on my own TV. 
The clothes I ordered from Yesstyle should be arriving too, maybe they already arrived today.. I should ask dad. I talked to him yesterday and he said nothing came for me.
And oh. MYOJO. I'm waiting for so much stuff this month. It'll be rabu when they come, but waiting surely makes me even more restless. 
I need something to do for the next 6 months. xD (I don't think I wouldn't get restless out of just watching the same thing for 6 months, but wth.. It's NEWS, I'm happy to see them. haha)

We were supposed to go down to gothenburg this weekend, even further down in the country, to Kungsbacka. Now we are not. I'm somehow relieved, because it's really a pain travelling all the way down there, but I was also looking forward into seeing my grandparents and getting the present my aunt bought to me from Japan. But hopefully I'd get it soon anyways.  
Current Mood: restlesskjuuu. ;__;