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this morning it rained so badly. then my bus kept taking the wrong turn. the internet didn't work at school. my joints don't act well with this weather. I had to run. MY BUS RAN INTO A VAN OR SOMETHING AND THE SIDE MIRROR WENT STRAIGHT OFF WITH A BIG BANG. (not the hot boygroup kind, sadly)

for some reason. it felt so funny that everything just kept becoming the opposite of what I had wished for. So I was able to laugh at the irony. 

(might be exaggerating because I am slightly biased)

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13 July 2010 @ 11:18 pm
OKAY GUYS. I am lurking around and I've been reading your entries, I just haven't found enough piece in my mind to comment and stuff. I am so tiiiireeed.

But I've had lots of fun so far!! life is pretty great when there's a certain beautiful person around. hihi. ♥

Joon is so cute. ;^; Olivs is too. hihihi

just so you know, my dreams keep haunting me. tonight I dreamt of this guy who goes to my school. He always has this special suitcase with him and he has some kind of sickness that makes him swell or something, and I hear he has a plastic bag somewhere hidden on his body because he can't go to the toilet. (could be rumour but people spoke of some incident at school where the plastic bag broke and it's all very sad) anyway. he rarely speaks to anyone, and he's always sitting alone looking all depressed. in my dream, I was sitting on a bench watching something on a tv. and then I feel an arm around me and turn around and notice it's him. and I start running away from him but he chases me around for god knows how long claiming he loves me and wants to marry me. I told him that was impossible but he kept going "but puleeeez"... at least there was no making out involved. his face kind of resembled freddy kreuger though. ;______;

I'll be back properly around the 20th, when I'm hopefully not a clutz who forgets her keys on a bench and make olivs walk with me across like everywhere, and then spend two hours sitting in my gate outside my door just waiting for dad to come home. sorry. ;^;

Because minwoo is very pretty too. : D ♥ now I shall go shower! bye guys.


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OMGOMGOMG. did I actually manage to post an entry every day for one whole week? I don't think I've ever managed that during my, what is it now, soon 3 years of lj-ing. :))) I'm a little proud of myself. tihi.


like!!! sorry children, your name will be "extremely-pretty-close-up-of-taeyang-bb" and you'll probably be teased at school a lot because of it, but children!!! when you see this, when you see thiiiis, you shall know it is all worth it! : D (and I'm also thinking about naming one of you after his muscles but I'm not sure just yet)

I liked inkigayo today. Suju boys looked so happy. And 4minute looked so hot. ;^; ♥ I like Miss A a lot. : ) and 2pm in that green sports song. hihi. And I liked mir's hair! There's a whole lot of liking going on tbh.

Something I don't like on the other hand is packages you can't open. >: It's been going on all week. Not being able to open the apple juice package because the pipe thingy it's got going on was stuck. not being able to remove the plastic packaging off of my new mascara. Just now I spent like 20 minutes trying to get the cap off of my body lotion, and idek!! I know I'm pretty weak and all, and even more so on a day when my joints aren't fully happy, but it's ridiculous!! stop making everything so child proof. I'm sure my little taeyang-named children would love to actually be able to drink apple juice too!

Then I might pop in every once in a while, but I won't be able to start updating and commenting regularly (and spam your f-lists) until like.. hm. the 20th or so. I SHALL MISS YOU. but on the other hand I shall have a great time with imheartsick !! ♥
We're probably going to make little updates on our youtube channel, which we'll post videos on at least every other week from now on, so if you're interested, you can find us here!

Goooood night ♥

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Hello. I intended to write an entry earlier but I was afraid it would all be "FKHLHJDFH TAEYANG" and since I'm even reading that strange book now to get a better vocabulary I figured it was best to wait until I could form proper words again.
Speaking of the book, wth, yesterday I read a couple of pages and since when does someone "swing" their dinner together? the whole thing makes no sense. "Since I got home late I started swinging a dinner together with some leftovers I had in the fridge" I mean... no >:

I love Solar. The title track seemed odd to me at first, but it has grown on me since I started listening to the album on repeat this afternoon. I also love the rap in Move. And for those of you who have no idea how it goes, I shall write out my favorite part of it for you ('cause I'm kind like that : D)

"yeah, korean stuff I can't be bothered to figure out, her figure so tight,
such a beautiful view, like them vegas lights,
shut it when it comes to you, you know I'd never think twice
And your body is my wonderland, I could play all night
ey, so just move, move, baby don't stop it,
I cock it and I load it, Call me Mr big rocket,
You so precious, face shining like crystals,
I'm so vicious like Sid with my Sex pistols."

Gosh, it took so long to write that out. Olivs started talking about menstrual cups and I had to look into whatever that was. HAHA.

Today turned out to be a wonderful day. : ) I am so happy rn. not kidding. hihi.

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Vi Kan Gå I Eld

Don't these boys make you hungry?!!! My stomach is craving for some potato chips rn. oh yes, I want it, I want it real good.

Ah, actually there's not much interesting to say about today. I liked the Taeyang teaser, it was groovy. But then again, I seem to like everything this boy throws at me. (and yes, I might be a tad bit biased on that front)
I also just watched Sweeney Todd again. It's a good good movie. I like dramatic endings. Well, on film of course. irl, not really no.

Sometimes I wish I was a guy so I could sing in falsetto. just sayin'.

hm, well. lately I've thought a lot about stuff I used to do before. Today dad suggested that we'd go by boat to my grandparents house and I realised it's been ages since I ever went on that boat. Maybe I was 14. It's this really pretty boat that goes around the Stockholm archipelago letting people off at each island and when I was younger dad didn't own a car, so we always went by boat. It takes about 2 hours and for a 14-year-old it wasn't the slightest bit interesting. Dad buying me an ice-cream would be the highlight of the trip tbh. And writing in my diary about how the guy sitting a little to the right of our table had a funky moustache. (I kind of love those entries. they're so born-to-be-stalker)
"oh no. fu. the man is staring. I bet he is trying to look at what I'm writing. >: If he only knew"
It would feel great to get to see it all again. The boat, the archipelago, the ice-cream. But this time, together with Olivs. ♥

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24 June 2010 @ 09:25 pm


I'm so tired i don't even. >: dshgfgh. You know, I went to bed at 1.40 am thinking "hehehehe. me. bed. now. schleep." and then I wake up at 4 am (!!!!) and I have to crawl out to the kitchen to get an aspirin 'cause my legs are messing with me and wouldn't let me sleep. damn you joint pain shit. you make me rage like no other. and then I couldn't go back to sleep. >:

but it doesn't matter that much. what matters is that i'm alive right now 'cause jfhgkjfhgjkd. TAEYANG IS RELEASING HIS SOLO ALBUM IN LIKE NOT MANY DAYS AT ALL AND I AM SO EXCITED AND DID YOU GUYS HEAR THE TEASER?!!

Anyone who has properly spoken to me this week.. or seen me around twitter. or.. actually just seen me, knows I've been on a taeyang high like no other. HAHA. and it may seem really stupid and silly to some but I do think I have the right to feel excited. Taeyang means so much to me. ;^; and his voice is magical. it accompanied me during those PE lessons when I wanted to cry because there were basket balls coming from all directions and I always got hit in the head. It kept me company during those bus rides when going to school felt so tough because of old sweaty men or little high children unable to sit still for more than 10 minutes. and no matter how helpless I thought I was this morning when I felt ready to chop my legs off, his voice stepped in and suddenly it was okay again. Any way you see it, this boy is precious. ♥



AND OKAY GUYS. I know the world cup is really fun and exciting and everything, but does it have to be so noisy. >: I thought I had escaped dad's loud yelling for a couple of seconds, so all happy I go onto youtube and start watching taeyang clips (no kidding) and oooh, I notice a little shiny football in the little browser thingy. (yes, in my head everything is tiny) and curious as I am I press it and HOLY SHIT!!!!!! who
thought of that idea. scared the shit out of me. (you should try it, some exciting stuff, man.)

If you've seen this already, feel free to ignore.
if not, please listen and tell me what you think.
My pretty best friend Olivs and I worked on it a lot,
and I got pretty satisfied. ehe.
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Hello irapehellokitty , asianized_x , thekrik , girlinkage , sanselle , inati , phreshswag , mirukuu , xoxocake , firescapee , porvoras  and rawrbby !
If I forgot anyone... ;^; I'm sorry. ♥

I'm sure we'll get to know each other soon. I promise I will stalk you all and comment all your entries. Probably later than all the other people on your f-list since I procastinate like crazy, but I will still do it! : D

so, it is time to finally start doing stuff again! Don't you agree?
I started using my twitter again today. And my last.fm!
I also really want to change my layout. and my profile, omg it's so old.


LOOK AT THIS BOY. LOOK AT HIM. HIS EYES. THEY SPARKLE. WHY IS HE SO BEAUTIFULLLL. (and even though I've been flailing Doojoon like crazy lately, I am talking about Dongwoon this time. HAHA)
Yesterday when I was speaking to jonskulainen  (aka wonderful!Johanna) i saw a man in a pink robe on the balcony across from mine. I told dad about it and when I looked back, he was gone. I'm thinking it was a ghost.
I don't know 2PM very well and I have yet to see their latest MV (which half of my f-list said sucked already XDD) but this boy here. ;__; ♥ Today is such a beautiful day. HAHA.

(be glad I cut away the part where I spill milk all across the zink and don't even notice while singing "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"... clearly the milkshake wanted out before any boys could get here...)

And yes. my title makes no sense. : D

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10 February 2010 @ 09:31 pm
How many tabs do I have open right now? 81. yes 81.
I think I should clear them out.. asap. HAHA. No wonder firefox keeps crashing.

Yesterday, I was pretty sad.
This explains why.
(listen as long as you want. XD)

But Today. I was happy. I am wearing my Jinolidays shirt (for those of you who do not know, it's a shirt with a picture of Jin having his hand inside his pants) and I put make-up on and I have been cleaning my closet while taking breaks to look at pictures of Joon and I have been mixing and.. I went out. It was so cold, god. And I just picked up a package. But I haven't been outside for a while. So it made me happy. (:

Then there has been a lot of dreams. Dreams of meet-ups, Elvis singing Gee, and Italy, roman!Kyu, getting married in Las Vegas and black swans in Australia.

Other things worth mentioning.
Tall Scary Guy has started sending me such a massive amount of messages everywhere. Tall Scary Guy is one very boring guy. I do not want any more text messages or skype calls. plz.

Olivia, you know my wonderful friend Olivia whom I love above everything else in this world, she was very strong today. I admire her so much. One day, I want to be able to be as strong as her. I will work on that. ♥

okay, anyone except for Tall Scary Guy. : D


One last thing before I go.


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28 January 2010 @ 10:11 pm

School, buses, snow storms, timing and mixing has been eating me up lately.

I thought of this great idea for when I've done my f-cut!!! : D
I was like sleeping with my mouth wide open on the bus (yes, I am that sexy person while riding the bus) and then I dreamt something and when I woke up at the bus stop right before mine, I didn't even panic. I was just "OMG THAT IS WHAT I SHALL DO!" and then I just got off without thinking about anything and forgot my glove on there.

not that it hurts me all too much though. there was something brown on it. someone brown that I couldn't figure out what it was.

and so now, I haven't checked livejournal for 3 days. I'm thinking that if I just make it through next week it will be a bit calmer for 8 weeks or so. : D which is good.

today everyone at school told me my love for pickles was strange and that it was old man-food and that I would have to sit alone from now on because I am the only one who likes them.
I told them that they can't judge me without a lawyer. so therefore I have a request.

anyone out there who shares my love for extra crispy pickles, plz come be my lawyer? ♥


And this just happens to be pretty awesome. Now I shall go back to timing and mixing and homeworking and then sleeping and taking the busing and yeahyeah. life.
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Current Music: beatles is replaying in my head. I want my beatles discography back. D:
19 January 2010 @ 10:51 pm

I feel so left out. omg.

by everyone. and everything.

good news though. new computer arrived today. which means, that if internet goes up tomorrow, at least I'll have my fandom back.

I know like nothing of what has happened. I am srsly depressed. when there's no fandom to keep me occupied I'll have to think about stuff actually going on in my life, and might be just my imagination, but as soon as someone else enters the room I'm not even worth anything anymore.

but it's fine. I'm getting used to being ignored by now.
I just kind of wished the people I love would talk to me when it's clear I'm trying my best to like... put my effort into stuff. and if that's too hard, then at least tell me so, because just sitting here waiting for an answer is tiring.

my new computer is black. and sexy. and edgy. and I'm going to go sex it up with my eyes now.
while caressing my new ipod, joonie. I like to put him in my pants. because I think that secretly, joonie likes being inside my pants. just so you know.

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